Tips to choose the mattress that best suits your body

Bobbie 27 Oct , 2018 0 Comments bed product

There is not the best mattress for everyone, but the mattress that suits every need. In this context, choosing a good mattress is fundamental to change our lifestyle, since often a bad choice leads to sleep and end muscle pain.


The mattress should be flexible enough to fit all the curves of your spine at the same time that it is not too hard. In case you sleep as a couple, the person of greater weight will determine the choice.

Choose your mattress according to who uses it:

It is not the same mattress for children as for an adult, therefore a lighter product is the ideal option for children since it distributes better the weight of their body and gives them a better position when sleeping. On the other hand, those who weigh more need stronger mattresses that offer good support and a good reception.

Your sleeping position is important:

Each one has a preferred position, if you sleep on your back, we recommend you choose firm mattresses, in case you sleep on your side, a mattress of less firmness that allows the shoulder to sink slightly to find the right position, models like the Therapedic and Modula, they are ideal for this type of movement.

If you sleep as a couple you have to look for a mattress that suits both, so the best alternative is to look for a mattress that combines firmness with warmth and acceptance, as the model adapts 6 of Flex.

Do you move a lot at night?

Undoubtedly there are people who have a much more hectic dream if this is your case and you move a lot during the night you need a somewhat firmer mattress that helps you spin without effort. When people sleep as a couple and one of them moves a lot this can be a real problem. The Flex Majesty model is the solution: firm, tall and spring-loaded pocket delivers independence of movement to sleep through the night.

The final choice:

The choice of your mattress is a decision that many people take lightly, but it is essential for the quality of our sleep and even for health, so we have launched a campaign to educate about everything that we have to take into account when buying a mattress, whether it’s material, quality, flexibility and type of springs.

Therefore, if you want to improve your sleep you must take into account all these tips, whether the place where you sleep and who are all important factors, there are even those who go further and claim that both the room and the orientation of your bed also affects the quality of sleep, but without a doubt the choice of mattress will be what will determine in the first instance an improvement in your quality of life and your good sleep in the day today.

Consumers do not know much about mattresses.In general, we prefer springs, but we are not internalized in the different types of springs, filling technologies or which firmness to choose to sleep better. It is very important to find the right firmness in order to achieve an alignment of the back that allows optimal rest and avoid back pain.

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